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A Win…Win…Win

It’s a Tax Deduction and Media Attention for you…and a Big Boost for Your Favorite Non-Profit!

Help your favorite non-profit while garnering some good-will media attention for your business in the process, all with a nice tax deduction for good measure. It’s a win-win-win!

What is it?

It’s BrandVision Marketing’s Gift Certificate program. Make a tax-deductible donation to your favorite non-profit through this Payment Link. The amount is up to you and the certificate can be used any number of ways.

Maybe your favorite Non-P has a big event coming up and need some great promotional products to give away. Maybe it’s time for them to upgrade their website. Maybe they could use a good fund-raising boost through an email marketing campaign. Whether it’s help with social media or basic office printing like business cards or posters, BrandVision Marketing is here to help.

Let’s face facts!

You know what goes into running a company. You understand how vital the marketing component is today. This is especially true for non-profits.

It’s Easy…

BrandVision Marketing makes it easy to help your favorite non-profit.

STEP ONE…Just click the Payment Link.

STEP TWO…Fill in the donation amount and credit card info to complete the transaction.

STEP THREE…In the “Notes” section, just let us know the name of the non-profit and the best contact information; and, any information about what you would like the money to go towards, if possible.

Another Win…

Yes, you get to help give a boost to your favorite Non-Profit, but wait (as they say)…there’s more.

For donations more than $1k–BrandVision Marketing will create and distribute at NO CHARGE a Media Release to get your company some good publicity complete with pics. And for good measure, we will do the same for donations of $500 or more for those animal-centric non-P’s (we love those critters!) and, ANY AMOUNT for your local chapter of the Cancer Society (or any non-profit that battles cancer).

And… sure…we get it. As for the Media Release, you may not want that kind of publicity for such a good deed. So…no problem. That component is your option. In fact, we’ll replace those efforts with a $50.00 Gift Certificate for you. That’s been the preferred option thus far and that’s fine–we’ve got some kind hearts out there and want to make sure everyone gets rewarded.

BrandVision Marketing loves working with those non-profits, and this has become the perfect opportunity to do so…and, do it without a cumbersome sales pitch in mind. We know what they have to spend based on the Gift Certificate amount and after hearing from the ‘giver’ and talking with the appropriate person, we have a good grasp on the best way to set them up with the perfect gift.

YES…a Win…Win…Win!

So, just click the Payment Link…pick your favorite non-profit and we will take it from there. And most importantly…Thank You!

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