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Should Your Messaging Impact Your Media Strategy

Most in the Marketing world are familiar with the Marketing Triangle. Message…Media…and Market comprise each side of this equilateral triangle.

Each side of this metaphorical shape is equal because each is equally important to the success of the whole.

It’s no surprise that if one aspect of the triangle is off kilter, then the triangle crumbles and fails.

It’s true. If your Message is on-target, but you are talking to the wrong Market…failure.

If you are talking to the right people, but not reaching them through the proper Media…failure.

Yes, I could go on and on through the various combinations of ineptitude, but the point is made.

Therefore, our question today is simple: Should your Message dictate your Media Strategy?

Simply put: YES!

This notion has always been embraced when examining the Message and Market sides of the Triangle, right? I mean, if you’re selling hearing aids, you don’t carefully craft your Message and say, “Okay…now…let’s focus exclusively on the Teen Market.”

Media, however…well, making your Media selection(s) based on the creative Message you are trying to impart takes some getting used to. Maybe it’s because in year’s past, we had a limited number of media options. Afterall, when BrandVision Marketing started 30-years ago, we essentially had TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print and Direct Mail as options.


Well, now the options are through the roof. From Social Media to CTV there are literally hundreds of ways to reach a Market.

Carefully selecting your Media based on the Message is something to adjust to.

Sure. Throughout the marketing time-space continuum decision-makers have carefully crafted their salespitches. They spend hour-after-hour in meeting-after-meeting to fine-tune their Message. Once perfected, often so obsessed with ‘that’ side of the triangle, it is assumed that everything else should just fall into place.

“Here’s our fantastic Message!”

“Where should we put this fantastic Message, boss?”

“Oh hell…anywhere is fine.”

Fumble in the Red Zone. Ball dropped in the End Zone. Pick any sports saying you like; the Marketing Triangle is no longer equilateral…now isosceles at best.


Well, because sometimes…not always, mind you…but sometimes the perfectly crafted Message fits better with a one specific Media than another. Maybe you own a carpet store and need to promote a big and elaborate sale. A Direct Marketing piece with a QR Code leading consumers to a Landing Page to collect immediate prospect data and deliver a Retargeting campaign deserves a bigger part of the budget than say, Radio. Maybe your Message’s creativity lends itself strongly to a promotional product giveaway or a creative Social Media series…or maybe, streaming advertising with some level of interaction possible.

Regardless, looking at your Message through that lens may help you look effectively toward the other two sides of that equilateral triangle. Each of those sides is equally important to the other for a great campaign.

Consider each side…each element…with each campaign and your all set for success.

By Scott Trueblood, of BrandVision Marketing. BrandVision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN.

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