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Creating Your Premium, Signature Swag Moment

Finding a signature promotional product…the one that every customer wants…provides a brand enhancing experience while injecting energetic goodwill into your business.

It’s always a great feeling.

To have a customer approach you to ask for a specific promotional product because they simply love it…want to share it…and can’t have enough of it.

I remember being approached at networking events…even by family members…asking for a small notepad that we give away because they were ‘so useful’…’so convenient to keep by the nightstand’ or ‘in the car to jot things down’.

They were useful. They were sought after. They were achieving everything that a promotional product is supposed to accomplish.

Creating your own signature swag moment can be challenging. Ideally, it would be an item that serves as more than just a giveaway item. You want it to serve as a revenue stream. You want an item that is so much in demand by your customers that they are willing to pay…and pay well for it. Something that more than pays for itself as it also provides that premium giveaway item for the lucky customers that get it free of charge.


First, it has to be a relatively unique item or must provide a unique twist to a more common item. For example, wearable technology provides more than apparel for your loyal customers. It provides a charging system for something they can wear every day.


Second, the item must have a premium perceived value. Customers need to view this item as something of true value. Whether that value be monetary, emotional, functional or something else, it needs to carry the weight of a significant signature gift.


Finally, it needs to be an item that brings true functionality to the table. Customers need to ‘want’ to engage with it. Experience it. Because it adds such intrinsic value to their daily lives, it becomes a sought-after item.

Any Ideas?

Oh yeah….plenty of ideas and here is a perfect one. It’s especially a winner with fitness clubs, trainers, concert venues, hiking and other exercise clubs…even pet stores because of it’s multi-purpose nature. It’s the 24oz. Bindle Bottle with Storage…is all that!

As seen in Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018 & 2021, this item serves as both a revenue generator…as it can be sold as a branded item, and a premium giveaway.

Sip on top, stash on the bottom. The hidden-in-plain-sight waterproof storage compartment lets you slyly stash your ID, keys, and cash, along with your favorite snack! Making it perfect to take to the gym…on hikes…for pets (a drinking bowl) and so much more.

Each bottle is built with lightweight yet durable stainless steel and features up to 24 ounces of vacuum-insulated liquid storage, so you’re ready to take on any adventure that life brings you.

*The Bindle features:

  • Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel
  • Sweat-free Temperature Control
  • Secure Storage Department

Rated with 4.5 Stars, this premium gift can retail for as much as $49.95; and is a great addition to the gift shop as well as a great (and much appreciated giveaway item).

Plus, with mix and match color options, it’s a great find if you’re not tied to one branded color.

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