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In Time for Spooktober: It’s True…Tales of the Paranormal

No longer a fad, podcasting is a solid trend with tremendous benefits…especially when combined with other social media attractions such as YouTube.

In time for Spooktober, It’s True…Tales of the Paranormal is set to launch its premier podcast and YouTube channel on October 4th.

Been thinking about a podcast?

Not just a fad, podcasts are clearly a media trend. Podcasts come with a host of benefits, including increased brand exposure as well as adding a potential revenue stream to the mix. Check out It’s True…Tales of the Paranormal this October.

Recently, BrandVision dropped the promotional video on the YouTube channel. BrandVision created the promotional website…coordinated the music, V/O and video for the show’s opening, studio production and more.

Interested in creating a podcast–email us today for more info and…stories of the inexplicable are your thing…don’t forget to watch the Intro video and subscribe…after all, it’s true!

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