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Your Formula for Branding a Promotion

Kick-Start a strong connection with consumers and elevate your brand’s place in the market with a branded promotion or contest

Relationship is at the epicenter of all branding efforts. A company’s brand is essentially the relationship held by consumers with that company.

It is communicated…lived and breathed…touchpoint by touchpoint. Whether it be a Facebook post…a streaming ad on Hulu…a media story or the package your product arrives in, all are touchpoints that shape the brand experience.

Promotions and contests are other key ways to communicate the brand and can translate into a fun, connective experience for all involved…if done right. If not, they can be easily dismissed by the consumer and turn into an expensive nightmare for a business.

Years ago, BrandVision Marketing created a simple, fun promotion for a small community banking client. The goal was to gain free checking accounts.

That’s not easy goal to reach.

After all, our free was no more or less free than the bank down the street’s free account. It was a commodity that needed a hook. We created a simple, fun campaign that got consumers engaged in the fun and it worked. The first year, we attracted 80 new accounts with a good ROI.

It was such a hit, that the client wanted to do it again. We did.

In the second year, it worked again.

This time the campaign drew 81 new accounts, posting another solid ROI on the drive.

At this point, the market had become very familiar with the campaign so…with that in mind, we ran it a third year.

The results: 131 new accounts and an even better return.

However, the bank wanted to ‘change things up’ for the fourth year. This meant a new campaign that introduced different hoops (with accompanying rewards) for consumers to ‘jump’ through. I encouraged the already branded promotion, but…as always…it’s their money, so we ran with the new campaign.

The result: 38 new accounts.

The previously branded promotion was simple. It was easily and quickly learned by consumers. It used highly targeted media and resonated with the overall brand identity of the bank.

The new promotion? It had those final two components, but the first was severely lacking. It was too complicated. A consumer could not quickly look at a marketing piece and think, “Yeah–I get it…I may do that!”

The new campaign was so complex, a consumer would look at that and think, “Nope…I don’t have time to figure that out.”

Thus, it failed.

Branded promotional campaigns are great ways to connect with consumers and in a fun way.

Follow this formula and yours should be a great brand success:

1-Keep it Simple and Easy to understand and communicate

2-Keep it consistent with your overall brand identity

3-As always…Utilize highly targeted and focused media

Want BrandVision to look at your promotional idea? Just shoot us an email at or schedule a Meet-and-Greet here.

By Scott Trueblood, of BrandVision Marketing. BrandVision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN.

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