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“Don’t be the wrong kind of disruptive.”

Dany Garcia, the business partner of Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, has a theory on business growth. That philosophy is simple: “Don’t be the wrong kind of disruptive.”

At the heart of this idea are some basic notions.

Yes…it’s good to challenge the norms of how business is conducted.

Yes…it’s good to seek growth.

However, making abrupt changes can be more detrimental to growth goals than helpful. That, indeed, is very much the ‘wrong’ kind of disruptive.

As Garcia points out, if a company, or in the case of The Rock, wants to grow in a new direction–beit a new vertical or just simply entering a completely different sector, it needs to be done deliberately. It needs to move step-by-step to enable current customers and fans of their brand a pathway to easily follow the journey.

For example, McDonald’s constantly seeks growth. However, McDonald’s is not going to begin offering a $75 steak. It’s going to create offerings that are very much in-sync with the brand. Offerings that are in-line with customer expectations for the brand with which they’ve developed a long-lasting relationship.

A $75 steak would be the wrong kind of disruptive. McRib? Different story.

Brands are constantly seeking to grow. Growth is always necessary and needed. If your company makes a vitamin-laced drink enhancer, growth might mean pumping as many flavors into the market with as many health benefits to capture market share. Growth would not mean selling car floor mats…at least not under the same brand. It might mean creating an energy drink. It may mean creating a powder form. Each might present its own challenges in the marketplace aimed at growth, but not necessarily be the wrong kind of disruptive.

When it comes to managing your brand it’s really about managing your relationship with the customer. That requires continuity from touchpoint to touchpoint. It requires a flow that creates a positive disruptive voice and not the wrong kind of disruption.

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By Scott Trueblood, of BrandVision Marketing. BrandVision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN.

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