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Apparel Moving Center Stage in the Promo Industry…

Apparel has always been a big giveaway item to valued customers and employees alike.

With lines continuing to be blurred between home and office…and corporate and casual for that matter…comfortable apparel that meets functional, but professional standards is moving center stage.

Clothing as giveaway swag has always been popular. Whether it was t-shirts given away at a radio station’s remote broadcast or polo shirts provided to employees, apparel has consistently been a great way to get and keep your brand visible.

Three trends are emerging.

Muted Colors
Subtle tones, including desert, pastels, muted greens, creams, soft blues, custardy yellows, terra cotta, taupe and slate seem to highlight the color wheel.

Muted colors that remind you of nature are spiking popularity and demand. Why? Softer colors are more wearable than bold colors. They ‘go with’ more ensembles and will be worn more.

However, it is also important for color selection has to be in-sync with the color-scheme of the brand. If your brand’s color is blue, a softer shade may be a good fit, but a pastel green may not. Staying true to the brand is vital and color is a big part of that identity.

Earth-Conscious Options
A main driver for companies that are shopping for promo gear is whether the product is kind to the environment.


One, it just makes good sense; and, two…it’s important to many consumers out there. Leaning into customer demand is always a good strategy.

Further, environmentally friendly items give a brand a story to connect with when giving the gift.

Packaging Matters
Especially today when items are arriving at a customers or employee’s home, packaging matters. There is a reason why unwrapping Christmas presents is a memory that sticks with us as kids long into adulthood. Adults still experience such a joy in an ‘unpackaging’ event and those events matter. Taking measures to ensure that experience will be a positive one will help the consumer appreciate the item that much more…ensuring added use and subsequent exposure for your brand.

Honorable Mention…
Gift sets are emerging too. For example, a matching set of a sweatshirt to go along with jogger pants or loungers. All are items that will be worn and used repeatedly and often in visible settings.

Ready to start your shopping adventure? For apparel options click here!

By Scott Trueblood, of BrandVision Marketing. BrandVision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN.

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