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The Bottom Line of Analytics

The constant plea from clients since advertising began centuries ago is simple: How do I know which marketing dollars are working and which are not?

When BrandVision Marketing was launched in 1993, there were essentially five mainstream ways to reach consumers. There was TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail and Outdoor modes of advertising.


Wow…those five are just a drop in the bucket. The majority of the credit or blame goes to the internet, of course. One of the pro’s of the world wide web is the analytics. We now have a much better idea of who is visiting a website…seeing a streaming CTV ad…abandoning an eCommerce shopping cart, etc.

It’s a world that sheds marketing light on much consumer darkness in trying to connect buyers with sellers in today’s competitive market.

Yes. It’s great to know the number of impressions being delivered and to whom those impressions are reaching. It’s key to understand the where, when and to some extent the why of a consumer’s exposure to an ad or their surfing practices. From geography to the time of visiting your website, these insights are a big part of tweaking future campaigns to finely tune the next phase and continue to grow.

However, Analytics fall short in some serious areas.

As data provided by Digital Marketing’s Analytics constantly does prove to be powerful, it can’t answer this key marketing question: “Why should people trust me enough to buy what I’m selling?”

That question is a branding question. Pure and simple. It’s answered by the relationships held between your business and the valued customers that put down their hard earned money to support it. It’s answered by the awareness level of prospects who have had some element of engagement with your brand.

Don’t get me wrong. Analytics are great. I love ’em. But, they do fall short with the big, wider marketing questions. Those questions rely relentlessly on the brand for answers.

By Scott Trueblood, of BrandVision Marketing. BrandVision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN.

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