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The Digital Marketing Loop-D-Loop

Marketing is constantly evolving. When Social Media hit the scene as a viable marketing tool, the goal was to simply build your audience. As your company’s ‘fan-base’ built, so was an instant audience for your message. Whether it was content posts about a fun business fact…an exclusive Sale for followers…or information on an upcoming event, you had a cheap way to reach a very engaged consumer.


Not so much.

At least ‘not so much’ on the organic side of the Social Media equation. As platform’s monetization efforts became less focused on building subscribers and more toward putting money in the bank, they steered companies toward paid programs. Simultaneously, organic reach became tougher and tougher. Now, on average, less than five percent of posts actually reach an audience organically.

Facebook does not want those followers to see your posts. Unless, that is, you are paying them. The problem is that it is becoming increasingly expensive to gain that Reach.

Does that mean abandoning Social Media altogether?


Not necessarily.

Actually, paid social can be a productive part of a solid digital mix.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still the foundation for Digital Marketing success. SEO is a solid long-term strategy even though the percentage of clicks of organic listings has decreased in recent years. A figure that was at 70 percent just a few years ago is now at 53 percent.

This should not be overly alarming to SEO advocates. After all, web pages…desktop, tablet and mobile alike…are each filled with more and more ads. Ads are bigger and command more of the ‘space’ and become more readily clicked on etc. With that said, SEO is still a key part of the digital mix. But, mix is the key word here when trying to capture those keyword seekers.

Years ago, the term Marketing Mix focused on a blend of exposure among various media to generate awareness with a consumer. That is still very much in-play in today’s tech marketing world, but it has expanded meaning to include a blend among digital strategies as well.

One thing digital marketing offers is the opportunity to create a marketing loop where each component feeds another. For instance, a great SEO program combined with a Paid Search option, can generate a lot of traffic for your website. A nice enticement can help you capture a lot of emails. Capturing a lot of emails cannot only create a more successful Email Marketing campaign, but those same emails can then be matched through Social Media platforms for a highly targeted paid social push. It is the Digital Marketing Loop-D-Loop and can work far more efficiently in terms of building brand awareness, brand equity and brand loyalty…all while increasing sales.

Need a Digital Marketing plan? Schedule a quick chat with a BrandVision Marketing Account Manager today to discuss your options; or, visit our online store to build your own Digital Marketing plan. From Social Media to OTT/CTV…from SEO to Paid Search…there are programs that will work within your budget. Have a question for me or want to schedule a brain-storming session? Email me at: and we’ll put something on the books!

By Scott Trueblood, of BrandVision Marketing. BrandVision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN.

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