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What NOT to Do When the Sound Goes Out on Your TV

It kinda sucks.

When you’re in the middle of a pandemic, there are several ‘last’ things you want to experience. One of the last things I wanted to experience was my TV had lost its audio. That’s right. No sound.

But…there it was. Or rather…there it wasn’t. Again, no sound. Keep in mind, I’m not whining or looking to play some ‘whoa is me card’. There are other TV’s in the house, but this is in the living room where dinner is eaten; and typically done so with a basketball game playing. And, there are positive’s, I suppose. No sound is a blessing when Dan Dakich is calling a game on ESPN, but a real pain in the ass in almost every other case.

I’m not overly excited about buying a new TV, nor am I excited to bring in a repair guy during the Covid era. So, my short-term fix has been simple. My office is next to the living room. It’s separated by some French doors. I simply open the doors…turn on the Office TV…crank up the sound and try to sync it with the Living Room. It’s pretty amazing how the same channel is 3-5 seconds off-sync, isn’t it?

Getting them in-sync is actually pretty impossible. Regardless of what’s on TV. Whether it’s a basketball game on YouTube TV or some TV show that I’m watching on Prime, it’s darn near impossible to get the two televisions in-sync.

A big part of the problem with achieving that sync is the commercials. You see, I’ll typically be watching something through a Connected TV (CTV) device (i.e. Amazon Firestick) and watching through an Over-the-Top (OTT) media platform (i.e. Prime Video, IMDB, YouTube TV, etc.). Quite often, when a show goes to commercial break, the two devices (Living Room and Office, respectively) play different commercials.

From a marketing perspective, CTV and OTT provide a means to reach highly targeted consumers with a commercial message. It’s a more targeted purchase than traditional cable or broadcast television buys because these devices are privy to who owns them. For instance, I’m exposed to a lot of messages geared to, or of interest to, a Male 35+. Not a lot of feminine products, sugary cereals or toy ads in my feed. Plenty of car ads…insurance…investment ads, etc make their impression. Since they are being delivered on two different devices, however, they are not typically the same ads. Nor are they the same length of commercial break.

It makes syncing two TV’s pretty darn tough, but it’s pretty interesting to see this relatively new marketing tech work up close and personal.

If you haven’t looked into CTV and OTT streaming, email us at or reach out to me directly at . I’ll make sure you receive our PDF that details our program and how we can put to work for you. It’s pretty simple. Just detail your target audience within a specific geographic location…determine your budget and we make it happen. You get weekly reports based on your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) goals and we monitor and tweak from there.

Need help producing the video? No problem. We’ll meet with you to go over your goals and then storyboard and produce something geared to accomplish those objectives.

So…back to my problem. What do you do when the sound goes out of your television? You either get a new TV or pony up…mask up…get ready to clean-up…and call a repairman. Although, admittedly, I’m open to any of your suggestions because I really got to get this fixed before March Madness!

P.S. If anyone knows an honest TV repairman…feel free to pass along my email!

By Scott Trueblood, of BrandVision Marketing. BrandVision Marketing is a full-service marketing agency based in Knoxville, TN.

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